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Hangar or Hanger?

If your agent doesn’t know the difference between a “hanger” and a “hangar” then maybe you should consider listing your hangar or airpark with someone else? This page is dedicated to all the agents that think they’re listing a “Hanger”. 

Hiring someone that specialize in aviation real estate is always a smart thing to do. Ask yourself these questions about your agent before you hire them?

  • Are they a Pilot?
  • Do they own a plane?
  • Did they show up to the listing appointment in a plane?
  • Do they know if your turf landing strip is FAA approved?
  • Do they know what your FAA airport identifier is? (You’d be surprised)
  • Do they know the difference between a “hanger” and a “hangar” (You’d be surprised)

Disclaimer: We only used the keyword “hanger” for this search. That being said some homes might populate on this page if the listing has a legitimate reason for being here. For example: A home listed on Hanger Avenue, Fort Worth, TX would show up even if it’s not in an airpark.

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